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About 'It's My City'

It’s My City is the story about four girls: Manika, Sonali, Tina & Nikki who live in an apartment together in Mumbai. Through the interactions of the girls with each other and with others, we explore themes that are the most important in every girl’s and every woman’s life in a fun & humorous manner. Priyanka Chopra is Manika’s sister’s best friend and her bond with Manika makes her Manika’s unofficial guardian and official friend. Through the course of the show, she also forms an inseparable bond with the rest of the girls as well!

The episode starts with the perfect ring for a grudge match: an apartment plunged into darkness with our four characters or in this case, opponents of the grudge match: Manika, Tina, Sonali & Nikki hurling accusations at each other while figuring out how to make it through the darkness with their dim cell phone screens.